A home stylist helps you decide what existing furniture works and what doesn't.
A home stylist helps you decide what existing furniture works and what doesn't.

Home staging, will it make more when you sell?

A decade ago, who had even heard of home styling or home staging? Now one of the fastest growing industries in the Australian property market, home styling continues to grow in our now more competitive real estate market.

Yogi Bell, a Byron Bay-based home stylist at Raw at Home, explains how it works: "The first step is meeting the client at their home. Much of my work comes through real estate agents who know the value of presenting a property at its best, so they understand that the small investment can be more than returned by attracting more buyers and ultimately, a higher sales price.”

Once the home stylist views a property, they will discuss ideas and what existing furniture will work. "It's hard to be objective if it is your home and your furniture and that's where a professional can really help - with an objective eye,” says Ms Bell.

Most home stylists are happy to work with the home owner to integrate some of their items where possible. But if they don't think it will work, a professional home stylist will be honest.

Most home stagers work on a contract basis, usually a six-week period that coincides with the marketing campaign. Professional home stylists can also assist with the removal and storage of existing furniture during the sales campaign.

And, like most successful home stylists, Raw at Home has built a wide variety of furniture and furnishings suppliers who can provide these items on a lease basis.

One of the more impressive things to observe is the day of the "installation”. Companies such as Raw at Home can literally re-create a home in a day.