Homeless man sent to jail for stealing food from backpacker

A HUNGRY criminal who stole food from a Canadian backpacker has been given a jail sentence in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court.

Phillip Michael Daveson pleaded guilty to entering Palace Hervey Bay and stealing food from a fridge in the premises.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Nicole Kunkel said Daveson didn't even get to eat the stolen food, as he was caught by another guest of the hostel.

Daveson's legal representative Sarah Laikind said her client was homeless at the time.

"He had no place to live, he had no money, he had no food," she said.

Ms Laikind accepted the crime would have been "demoralising for visitors to Hervey Bay" but also said the theft was not the most serious charge ever to come before the court.

Magistrate Graeme Tatnell agreed but noted the crime was committed while Daveson was serving a two-month suspended sentence for another charge from the Caboolture Magistrates Court.

Mr Tatnell activated the suspended sentence and also sentenced Daveson to four more months of imprisonment.

Because Daveson has spent 45 days in pre-sentence custody, he will be eligible for parole on June 29.