It seems that the new cenotaph has stolen the limelight from the old
It seems that the new cenotaph has stolen the limelight from the old Brendan Bufi

LETTER: Original monument should not be made redundant

I FOUND it disappointing and upsetting that the Pialba Cenotaph was devoid of wreaths on Anzac Day.

The guard of honour, the wreaths and the placement of chairs were all situated on or beside the statue of the Light Horse.

While I am in no way defaming or lacking respect for this monument, I cannot but feel insulted that the Anzac ceremony now has made this monument the focus of the commemorations at the expense of the original Cenotaph.

The latter has served the Hervey Bay community for almost 100 years and has been the rallying point each Anzac Day for generations.

Now we see it unadorned and definitely not the centre of attention on this special day, although it bears the lists of our local fallen soldiers from last century. Am I the only one feeling odd about this matter?

The Fraser Coast Chronicle (FCC 30-04-16) states that the Cenotaph has been recommended to be added to the State's Heritage Register due to its historical significance.

So this structure is in no way insignificant. I would like to hazard a guess that there were no cenotaphs in Australia of this vintage and design that were bereft of flowers or soldiers on our last Anzac Day.

It seems that the new has stolen the limelight from the old in our city.

How did this come about? It's a noble deed to erect a beautiful statue, namely the bronze horse and cavalry officer, to commemorate the fallen but please do not regard our original monument as redundant.

This would have been avoided if the horse had been positioned to face the cenotaph and not with its back to it so both monuments form a more unified precinct.

Future services need to incorporate the two structures with guarded, decorated and revered.

The Memorial Hall and the Cenotaph are integral structures of our history.

The addition of the horse enhances the beauty of Freedom Park.

There should be no need to remind people of their contribution to the present.