OUR SAY: Honouring those who have served

AFTER the massive effort put into commemorating the Anzac Centenary, I admit I was a little concerned that this year's day might go by with little fanfare.

But judging by the response from the public, it seems the Anzac Spirit is not only alive and well, but people are just as dedicated to honouring our fallen as they were last year.

One of the most moving parts of last year's Anzac Day lead-up was hearing the stories and seeing the photos of people who served at Gallipoli.

While Duncan Chapman may be the most well-known in our region, we heard and reported on so many other young men who made the ultimate sacrifice.

The scores of brave boys who walked our streets, then fought on foreign shores to protect them; who were badly injured or killed in action, or returned home as vastly different men to the ones who left.

Their memories are honoured, and stories passed down through the generations by their proud families.

If you have a photo of your loved one who served, whether it was at Gallipoli, Vietnam, or in any other type of service, please email it to editorial@frasercoastchronicle.com.au or visit the Fraser Coast Chronicle offices.

We will run a special feature in Monday's paper, and we would love to share your photos as part of our Anzac Day coverage.