Cute bunnies are easy to make.
Cute bunnies are easy to make. Photo Contributed

Easter crafts? No better excuse to hop to it

IT WOULDN'T be Easter without chocolate eggs and craft. Keep the kids busy with this easy-to-make pompom bunny project this weekend.


  •  Grey yarn  
  •  Pompom maker  
  •  Grey felt  
  •  Black felt  
  •  Pink felt  
  •  Hot glue gun  
  •  Grey pre-made craft pompom.


Using your yarn and pompom maker, make two small pompoms, one slightly larger than the other. When you make them, be sure to keep the yarn you use for tying off extra long, and do not trim it.


Using your tying-off yarn, tie your two pompoms together firmly and closely.


Cut two ears from grey felt. With your hot glue gun, fold the bottom ends towards each other so that the ears have some shape. Pinch firmly to secure them, but be sure not to burn your fingers with the hot glue. Attach these to the smaller pompom using more hot glue.


Using black felt, cut two small circles to make eyes. Attach these with hot glue.


With the pink felt, cut one small circle to make a nose. Attach with hot glue.


Finally, attach the grey pre-made pompom to the back of the large pompom to make a tail.

Helpful hint: Don't have a pompom maker? Simply cut two circles from stiff cardboard to the size of your desired pompom.

Next, cut two smaller holes in the centre of both discs - about the size of a 10 cent piece or big enough to thread yarn through multiple times around the disc.

Place two discs together and looping a piece of yarn through the centre and around the outside, tie off a knot. Loop yarn around the disc continuously until thick - the thicker the layer, the denser your pompom will be.

Using scissors, cut the yarn around the outer edge in between both discs.

Take an excess piece of yarn about 10-15cm length and tie a firm knot between both discs to secure pompom. Slide off cardboard discs and fluff pompom to finish.