SMASHED: Tracey Berrell's windscreen after it was smashed with a baseball bat.
SMASHED: Tracey Berrell's windscreen after it was smashed with a baseball bat. Contributed

HORROR ATTACK: Woman tells of terrifying road rage ordeal

A WOMAN has relived her terrifying experience on Monday when her car was rear-ended and later the perpetrator smashed her windscreen with a baseball bat.

Tracey Berrell said she was driving home on Goodwood Road when the cars in front of her suddenly hit the brakes, she did the same but when the car behind rear-ended her she did not expect  the reaction which occurred.

"I stopped when he hit me and he pulled up in front and got out of the car," Ms Berrell said.

"There were two in the car, he was driving and she was in the passenger seat and they came towards me.

"She took my phone and got aggravated asking why was I on the phone and I said 'I am allowed to have an earpiece, I was not on my phone'.

"He demanded money off me and when I said 'I didn't have any' he said 'we are going to the bank and getting some out'."

Ms Berrel said she managed to flag someone down after her phone was taken but they drove off.

"He took my car keys and phone and locked them in his boot and I couldn't ring anyone," she said.

"I wanted to talk to my dad as he had been sick and knew I was on my way home.

"I tried to wave someone down and then I said to her 'they have taken my phone and keys can you ring the police'.

"But they (the perpetrators) came to the lady in the car and said 'don't believe anything she says she did the damage to our car' and the lady said 'I don't want to get involved' and drove off."

Ms Berrell said she was already panicking but began to freak out when he took her wallet.

"He got into his car with my wallet and then she was still standing outside the car and he's yelling at her to get in.

"I opened the car door to grab my wallet and ran to my car, I got in and went to leave and slammed my foot to the floor but I had the handbrake on and didn't realise.

"When I realised I pulled it off but he ran up and smashed my windscreen with a baseball bat,  I drove straight to Childers."

Ms Berrell said the entire experience had shaken her.

"I was terrified, I don't want this happening to anyone else and it made me think a little bit more.

"I am a very independent person but at the moment I don't feel like it, it has jolted me."

Police confirmed the incident had been reported and they were investigating.