Horse trainer Ben Currie was not required to be in court.
Horse trainer Ben Currie was not required to be in court. Kevin Farmer

Horse trainer Ben Currie back before the court

A FRAUD charge against champion horse trainer Ben Currie have been adjourned in the Toowoomba Magistrates Court.

The 28-year-old was not required to front court yesterday when his charge of "undefined offence", as it appeared on the court list, was mentioned.

His legal counsel had sought an adjournment of the matter which was granted by Magistrate Graham Lee who adjourned the case for committal mention back in the same court on October 18.

Currie has not been required as yet to enter any plea to the charge which allegedly arises from his horse training business.

While no details of the allegations have beern aired in court, the charge period stretches from November 2016 to March this year.

Police claim Currie engaged in "systematic fraudulent behaviour" during that period, having sourced "unregulated horse supplement designed to enhance race performance" by circumventing current testing methods.

Police allege this resulted in Currie fraudulently collecting prize money he wasn't entitled to.