THEY may be wearing suits and a fedora hat when they first walk on stage but don't be fooled - the Sydney Hotshots won't be dressed for long.

The Hotshots are bringing their brand-new show Secret Fantasies to the Hervey Bay Sportsmens Club on July 14.

Hotshots producer and performer Paul Reynolds told the Chronicle the show had been running for more than 15 years and each show's content was different to the one before.

"We're always developing a new show and putting new routines together because we don't want people to be seeing the same thing," Mr Reynolds said.

"We reinvent new ideas by adding components including gymnastics and comedy and we just make it really fun."

The Sydney Hot Shots are coming to Hervey Bay.
The Sydney Hot Shots are coming to Hervey Bay. Contributed

Mr Reynolds said the show had visited the Fraser Coast a number of times and for each tour brought to the region, its popularity grew.

If you're out and about the day of their performance, you may just spot the Hotshots around town.

"What we normally do is get to a town, have a little look around for about four or five hours, check out the venue, set up, go to the gym, do the show, run autographs and then go home," he said.

"Then the next day we do it all over again."


With a number of sold-out shows over the years, Mr Reynolds said the popularity came down to one particular element.

"The guys without their shirts on," he said.

"The ladies know they'll get their money's worth."

The show runs from 7.30-9.30pm and tickets are $30. Buy tickets by calling 41289348.