A MAN has described the moment he was coward punched outside a Toowoomba establishment as "disgusting" and "potentially deadly".

When Greg Alderman arrived at his Christmas work party at Fitzy's on December 22, he had little idea that an attack by another patron would have him end the night in hospital.

The sun was setting on the work party when a stranger approached Mr Alderman's table at Fitzy's.

"He walked up beside me and said, "mate is this you?" I looked down and saw he had a video (of me) on his phone," Mr Alderman said.

He turned to question the man and instead received a punch.

"It hit me square in the ear," Mr Alderman said.

"Then he continued, punching the back of my head about five more times.

"I didn't do a thing, I stood there, I wasn't going to jeopardise my job."

Bar staff restrained the man and he was removed from the premises. Mr Alderman attended the police station later that night to lodge a complaint, then continued to the hospital.


Greg Alderman talks about being coward punched while out at a work Christmas party, Wednesday, January 9, 2019.
Greg Alderman talks about being coward punched while out at a work Christmas party. Kevin Farmer

Coward and one punch attacks have plagued capital cities in recent times. Mr Alderman said the incident was concerning.

"I had a headache for four days following that. It ruined my Christmas and the work party," he said.

"If I was a smaller person and had been hit in the wrong spot, it could have been deadly. I could have hit my head on the way down.

"Previously I had stopped drinking for a while and I went to pubs and clubs (across Toowoomba). You would see people running across the room to get into fights - it was ridiculous."

Police apprehended a man the following day and charged him with assault occasioning bodily harm. He is due in court next month.

City Patrol Group Inspector for Darling Downs district Stephen Angus said coward punch attacks didn't occur often.

"(However) when (they do) occur, and we have had instances over the past 12 to 18 months, people have been seriously injured," he said.

"We have a group of dedicated police within Toowoomba who focus specifically on the safe night precinct, to counter the assaults that occur in licensed premises. This includes walk-throughs of premises and giving out move on directions.

"We also have crowd control staff present at licensed premises and they often have significant amounts of closed circuit television cameras to monitor patron behaviour.

"Where instances of this kind of assault occur it's highly likely that the offenders will be identified and subsequently prosecuted."

He said charges could vary from assault occasioning bodily harm extending up to grievous bodily harm and unlawful killing.