UP-AND-COMING STAR: Hervey Bay's 13-year-old Bella Feckner.
UP-AND-COMING STAR: Hervey Bay's 13-year-old Bella Feckner. Alistair Brightman

How a Hervey Bay teenager became a Crossfit world champion

BELLA Feckner's body aches from head to toe after yet another gruelling workout, but a voice inside her mind chants: "If you want it bad enough, you wouldn't stop.”

She doesn't stop.

Bella's only 13-years-old but through her training and discipline she is already making a mark in the global Crossfit scene.

The Hervey Bay teenager came first for her age group in a worldwide Crossfit competition beating competitors in Germany, the United States, and Switzerland.

Hervey Bay crossfit girl - 13 yr old Bella Feckner.
Hervey Bay crossfit girl - 13 yr old Bella Feckner. Alistair Brightman

When asked about her long-time goal in Crossfit during her interview with the Chronicle, Bella immediately knew the answer.

"To be the fittest on earth,” she said confidently.

But she knows there's no shortcuts to becoming a champion.

A Year 7 student by day at Fraser Coast Anglican College, Bella's time outside school is dedicated to reaching that goal.

She can already deadlift 100kg, back squat 70kg, and clean and jerk 50kg. "I like to do an hour of general practice before school,” Bella said.

"And then I go to Crossfit in the afternoon.”

A testament to her mental strength, her rigorous exercise schedule is combined with a healthy diet.

While most kids her age these days are spending their Sunday afternoons playing video games, Bella spends hers preparing meals for the week ahead.

Her go-to lunch box is a salad, chicken, an apple and peanut butter.

"Everyone at school comments on how healthy my lunchbox is,” she laughed.

"I got into healthy eating at the age of 10, which is before I started Crossfit.”

The competition she recently topped, called the Stoic Wars/Teenage Worldwide Crossfit Comp, required her to submit scores for five different workouts throughout five weeks, which she described as "very tough”.

It has been a quick rise in the sport for Bella, who only started Crossfit about eight months ago after going to a lesson with her step mum.

Before that, she had participated in sports including basketball, soccer, and touch football.

"I love all the gymnastics movement in Crossfit, but I also like things like snatches and burpees,” she said.

"Crossfit has made me a lot more confident.”

The pinnacle of Crossfit is the Crossfit Games, which Bella hopes to qualify for in 2020 in her age group.