Rob and Glenda Towan with their 1975 Kombi.
Rob and Glenda Towan with their 1975 Kombi.

How couple’s Kombi gets Hervey Bay dancing in the streets

A HERVEY Bay couple have become media stars for doing their bit to keep the city in good spirits during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rob and Glenda Towan hire out their beloved Kombi van for weddings.

But the business suffered a serious downturn when coronavirus struck and restrictions meant fewer weddings were going ahead.

Instead of getting glum, the Hervey Bay couple decided to cheer up those around them.

They strapped a large speaker to the top of their 1975 Kombi and started driving along the Esplanade, pumping out feel-good tunes.

They were inspired by other positive movements, including another that became in Hervey Bay with people dressing up in all kinds of costumes or in their best clothing to put their bins out.

Rob was also going through cancer treatment and said being able to do something happy and positive had also made a big difference to his life.

They were hoping just a few people would wave as they went by.

The last thing they expected to see was hundreds of people dancing in the street, but that is what the movement has grown into.

Since then the couple has done interviews with national news outlets, including a live cross on Channel 10.

But Glenda said what they did was not about them.

“It’s about cheering up Hervey Bay, getting Hervey Bay happy and dancing and moving,” she said.

Rob said they felt if they could brighten the day for one person, it was worth it.

“What we are doing is something very simple,” he said.

“It just shows how easy it is for people to change their mood through music and dancing.”
At first it was daunting for the couple, Rob said.

But soon their movement gained momentum.

Now it’s something they look forward to doing every week.

“We feel all we are doing is trying to brighten people’s lives,” Rob said.