How Federal funding ensures M'boro won't be left behind

WITH millions of dollars of funding being injected into major road and development projects, Llew O'Brien is confident Maryborough won't be left behind.

The Wide Bay MP said the combination of Federal funding and a slate of announcements about the Heritage City's sugar, timber and training sectors would ensure Maryborough would continue to experience sustained economic growth.

His comments come as the Federal and State Governments continue to lock horns over the inner workings of the Hinkler Regional Deal, which encompasses the Hervey Bay and Bundaberg regions.

The State Government has voiced its opposition to the deal unless Maryborough is included.

But Mr O'Brien said the slew of business announcements would ensure the region would continue to prosper.

"Maryborough has had a massive injection of Federal capital, particularly towards business and job growth," Mr O'Brien said.

"When you add up the announcements surrounding the Rheinmetall NIOA Munitions factory, MSM Sugar, DTM Timbers and the training hub to name a few, it ends up being about $60 million of investment just in Maryborough alone.

"Maryborough is being left behind? It's bizarre to say that, with what's going on."

Mr O'Brien and Maryborough State MP Bruce Saunders have locked horns over current discussions around the Hinkler Deal and why Maryborough should be included in the agreement.

Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack said the Federal Government's commitment to the region remained, adding he was in Maryborough "just last week" to announce $785,000 for the Global Manufacturing Group.