How Fraser Coast schools are preparing for virus closure

EXCURSIONS are being reassessed and sick students are being asked to stay home as Fraser Coast schools scramble to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Schools across Australia avoided closure as Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a raft of measures to contain the virus, including a ban on gatherings of more than 500 people.

Bayside Christian College announced they would be providing hand sanitisers and heavily promoting good hygiene after health advice from the Department of Education.

In a statement posted on Facebook, the school announced excursions would be individually assessed before proceeding or being cancelled. Maryborough State High School announced whole school assemblies would be cancelled "until further notice".

St Mary's College in Maryborough said they were prepared for any inevitable shutdown with students able to use school-issued laptops from home.

"The College is working to ensure a calm environment, continuation of regular timetables and support," a St Mary's spokeswoman said.

Hervey Bay State High School announced they would be cancelling their upcoming Junior Camp, School Swimming Carnival and World Science Fair.

The school said more excursions would be reviewed.