Lee Renshaw and Adrian Connors celebrate the loss of a tonne of weight.
Lee Renshaw and Adrian Connors celebrate the loss of a tonne of weight. Damien Conners

How gym has helped Mackay shred over a tonne of weight

SINCE launching in September, F45 Mackay City has helped people loose a tonne of weight: Literally.

At last count the gym had helped people lose literally 1000kg, well over the weight of a car. Since opening, the gym has run three eight-week challenges, which aim to help participants reduce body fat, get leaner, and feel better about themselves.

Owner Lee Renshaw said members participating in the official "challenges" have shed over 1000kg as part of the program.

"I just get emotional... this has always been my dream to change people's lives so with this it means I am living my dream," he said.

"To see all these people coming in, just puts a little smile on my face to know they are coming in here for their sessions.

"It is awesome watching everyone change even in these eight weeks."

Mackay restaurant owner Adrian Connors, who is a member of the gym, said the program, which is tied in with the NE Food line, changed the way he thought about healthy eating and exercise.

"I came here for moral support for [my brother] thinking that I don't actually really need this and that I was fit enough," he said.

"But that was such a crock of rubbish."

Mr Renshaw said being able help members in Mackay, which as a town ranked as the most obese town in last year's obesity statistics, was particularly fulfilling.