WHEN ex-racing horse Diesel was first taken in by Hucknall Horse Rescue in Yengarie, he was emaciated and in severe pain from hoof infections.

After just three weeks in care of the rescue team, Diesel is gaining weight and is starting to walk a little easier; but it will cost his saviours more than $2,000 in vet and care bills.

The ex-racing horse was neglected after his owner died in a horrific car crash on the Sunshine Coast last November.

Diesel is one of about 20 neglected, abandoned or mistreated animals in care at Hucknall Horse Rescue, but president and founder Ainsley Murdoch Pannier said the team needs the community's help if they are to continue saving so much animals.

"We need as much as the community can give; hay, funds, horse rugs coming into winter," Ainsley said.

"There are so many horses out there that need saving."

Hucknall Horse Rescue 's Ainsley Murdoch-Pannier and Skye Scott.
Hucknall Horse Rescue 's Ainsley Murdoch-Pannier and Skye Scott. Valerie Horton

Other horses at the rescue were saved from "the doggers", and a brumby found in forestry near Maryborough is also in care.

Brandy the brumby was found with extensive injuries including a broken and re-fused neck.

Once the horses' health and behavioural issues are fixed by the volunteers at the rescue, the animals are put up for adoption.

To make a donation, head to the Hucknall Horse Rescue Facebook page and follow the links.

The rescue centre will be hosting a family fun day on May 13 to raise money for the charity.