Is a fingertip worth $2 million?

A ROCKHAMPTON man who lost the tip of his finger in a workplace accident is suing three companies for $2.4 million.

Injury claim documents lodged with the Supreme Court of Rockhampton on March 23 lists Jay Mitchell Chopping as the injured man.

Mr Chopping is seeking $750,271 from Frontline Equipment Maintenance Pty Ltd, and $822,786 each from Glencore Australia Pty Limited and Hastings Deering (Australia) Limited.

The claim alleges Mr Chopping, 34, was an employee of Frontline's when he was working at Glencore's Rolleston Open Cut mine when the actions of Frontline and Hastings Deering employees led to Mr Chopping's left index finger being crushed and detached from the rest of his hand.

This resulted in his finger being de-tipped.

The claim alleges Mr Chopping, on April 25, 2016, was requested to assist in the removal of a track frame from a D11R dozer which was supported by a crane during its removal.

As part of the task, a pin needed to be removed which was carried out manually due to equipment not being available at the time - with the best equipment available being a crowbar.

"Upon removal of the pin, the track frame moved quickly and unpredictably, causing Mr Chopping's left index finger to be pinched between the crowbar and the track frame," the claim states.

The claim outlines if the correct equipment had been available, Mr Chopping would have been a safe distance away from the pin and would not have lost the tip of his finger.

The loss and damages shows Mr Chopping is claiming $650,00 for future economic loss plus $71,500 in future superannuation benefits.

"The Plaintiff is a manual worker and will need to rely on his compromised hand for his working life. The Plaintiff is a very high income earner...." the document states.