The recent rainfall has provided the perfect breeding conditions for mosquitoes.
The recent rainfall has provided the perfect breeding conditions for mosquitoes. contributed

How One Nation will fight the Bay's mozzies and midges

PAULINE Hanson's One Nation candidate for Hervey Bay Damian Huxham wants to take action on the Bay's mozzies and midges.

Mr Huxham announced $500,000 would be given to the council for a new vector control program if he is elected to the seat of Hervey Bay and his party manages to form government or hold the balance of power.


The program would see the Fraser Coast Regional Council and One Nation working to reduce the impact of the stinging insects in places like River Heads and Booral, which have become a problem for residents during warmer months.

Mr Huxham said the proposal was based on feedback from residents who lived in the areas.

"Most people advised me of the inconvenience and need to 'do something' to deter the consistent bites and stings from insects while trying to enjoy an afternoon walk or barbecue," Mr Huxham said. "This is one of the greatest parts of Queensland and locals should be afforded every opportunity to enjoy our outdoors without the annoyance of stinging insects."

The council currently uses control programs like fogging to control mosquitoes when conditions are fierce. Management officers carry out regular inspections of public watercourses, reserves and commercial areas to identify target areas of mosquito breeding.

Mr Huxham said his funding would be used to build a stronger program.

"The current program is not entirely effective now," he said.

"It's a matter of sitting down with the council and working out how to solve the problem.

"I want people enjoying the evening outdoors without lathering themselves in chemicals and worrying about things like allergies."