HOW TO: Spray around your home for Zika and Dengue mozzies

QUEENSLAND Health has developed a video to show residents how to spray in and around their home to kill mosquitoes that spread Zika and dengue fever.

Zika virus and dengue fever are spread when a person is bitten by an infected Aedes aegypti mosquito.

Queensland Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young said it was important to be vigilant about mosquitoes and everyone could play a role.

"We know the Aedes aegypti mosquito is active during the day, but they often go unnoticed as they are silent and found in dark areas," Dr Young said. 

"Simple, preventive action can be taken in and around the home using a household residual surface spray."

These dark areas include underneath and behind living room furniture including sofas, tables, chairs and sideboards.

In the bedroom, places such as behind and under the bed and inside the wardrobe should be sprayed-on top, underneath, behind and inside.

For wet areas such as the toilet and laundry it's important to spray any low-lying storage areas.

Dr Young also emphasised the importance of spraying outside the home to remove any possible breeding sites for mosquitoes.

"Outside the home, it's vital to spray around the porch and patio areas and this includes under outdoor furniture, BBQs and any garden shed or workshop areas.

"The Aedes aegypti mosquito breeds in shallow, pooled water that can accumulate in containers around your home.

"If you find a container or object that can pool water around the house, either tip it, store it or throw it out," Dr Young said.

The DIY home spraying video can also be viewed at