Relay for Life Family Fun Day, Seafront Oval, Hervey Bay - Dry boat race -
Relay for Life Family Fun Day, Seafront Oval, Hervey Bay - Dry boat race - Valerie Horton

How the changes at Seafront Oval affects other events

BURTONS Circus isn't the only major event to be affected by changes happening at Seafront Oval.

This year's By the C concert, which will feature the likes of Jimmy Barnes, Mark Seymour and Mental As Anything, has been relocated to Fraser Park due to the current development on the Esplanade site.

Last year's popular Carols by Candlelight event, held on the oval for the past 30 years, was relocated to the Tavistock St sport fields. Hervey Bay's Relay for Life was also re-located due to the works.

Organisers of the Hervey Bay Rotary Living Expo said Seafront Oval was too small to use for their event and have since started hosting the expo at Hervey Bay State High School. Former organiser Patricia Wright said while they were not directly impacted by the current works, Fraser Park was not an ideal location for other large community events.

"We held an expo out there one year, there was no foot traffic and no-one knew where it was," Ms Wright said. "There's nowhere that's really secure, there's no fencing, power or water... it's not a good place at the moment.

"The oval was great because it was visible."

Council plans to place the Pialba adventure playground on the oval in 2017 were met with outrage from the community.

About 30 per cent of Seafront Oval's space would have been lost under the initial proposal.