Maryborough Mural Project -
Maryborough Mural Project - "Brave Lexie and Foxie" mural on the Alice St wall of the Maryborough Fire Station. (L) Acting Insp. Andrew Madders, project co-founders Deborah Hannam and Elizabeth Lowrie, artist Brian Tisdall and Ivan and Lex Casperson (sons of Bryan, the boy being carried from the fire by his elder brother Lexie). Alistair Brightman

How the Fire Station mural immortalises M'boro's history

IF we don't remember our history, we'll end up losing it.

That's the main message Lex Casperson took away from seeing the new mural at the Maryborough Fire Station, which was revealed to the public last week.

The artwork depicts the struggle of Lex's then 12-year-old uncle, Lexie, and his dog Foxie saving their family from a house fire that broke out in 1927. Lexie was awarded a medal for bravery that same year.

But Mr Casperson reckons his uncle wouldn't want to see it up there.

"He was a humble man, and wouldn't want the fame or fortune," Mr Casperson said.

"But we are very proud, to see him immortalised like that."

Seeing the local history immortalised in such a way has Mr Casperson concerned that many people won't be able to remember it.

"It's very important the mural project does this... we're losing our history, and it could be gone if we don't preserve it."

Maryborough Mural Project co-founder Elizabeth Lowrie said the fire station's artwork was particularly significant, given its status as an "iconic story of Maryborough."

"This project draws out human stories - Lexie went in to save his siblings, and they all ended up living a good life," she said.

"The descendants are still in Maryborough today, so it's something that holds a lot of weight."

The installation is the 11th mural to be erected in Maryborough, with the group looking to get 20 placed across town.