Heidi Dowse (front left) with her dancing group.
Heidi Dowse (front left) with her dancing group.

Mum, 49, to dance up a storm at Pan Pacs after losing 30kg

IT MAY be only her third time on stage but Springfield's Heidi Dowse is looking forward to the Pan Pacific Masters.

She's taken up the dance sport of calisthenics aged 49.

"My daughter's done calisthenics since she was two," Ms Dowse said.

"We moved to Queensland about six years ago and dance at a club on the Gold Coast.

"It's mainly a group of mums in the team.

"They had been nagging me to join, I said if I lose 20 kilos I'll do it. I lost 30 kilos so I had no choice."

She lost the weight over 18 months first going to Weight Watchers then doing a boot camp in the mornings.

So this was her first year learning the dance sport which incorporates routines choreographed to music sometimes using clubs and rods.

Now there's about 18 ladies in her team heading to the Gold Coast in November for the Pan Pacific Masters.

The youngest is around 27 years old and the oldest is in her 60s.

Ms Dowse's first time on stage competing was three weekends ago in a Brisbane competition, last weekend she headed to Redcliffe for a state competition.

"I wasn't too nervous, because I've been backstage with my daughter. I'm just nervous I'll stuff up or forget where to be."

Ms Dowse's daughter has been performing calisthenics for 17 years and now teaches the sport.

"It's so much fun. Two of us are brand new to the sport. It's a really great bunch of ladies.

"I am having an absolute ball. I spend more time laughing, I'm pretty terrible," she joked.

"It probably comes together better than I think."

The team, part of the Helensvale Calisthenics and Dance Academy, are now practising for three hours twice a week.