Tinana's Wide Bay League 2 goalkeeper Isaac Sommerfeld.
Tinana's Wide Bay League 2 goalkeeper Isaac Sommerfeld. Matthew McInerney

How Tinana's Eagles earn their wings

FOOTBALL: Tinana may not feature in the region's highest level of competition but the club has built a strong reputation of player development.

Trevor Parry, the club's long-term president, said that focus on transitioning excited young Fraser Coast football players into senior competition was an area of which he was proud.

The club is fielding two women's teams this season, as well as a competitive Wide Bay League 2 team (currently fifth), on top of its strong junior base.

"You have to really set good standards in your existing teams you've got,” Parry said.

"That resonates across the competition who see the work you do, but the most important thing you can do is develop juniors through those under-10s, 12s, 14s, and by the time they reach that U15 stage they need the tools to play senior football, and that's what we are focused on: getting kids active, having fun, enjoying what they're doing, and being confident when they come into this level of competition.”

Parry said his long-held mantra was to build from within: constantly drive the club's playing stocks via its juniors and make the youngest Eagles proud of being part of the club.

The Fraser Coast League Division 1 Ladies team is their most successful senior side this season, They lead their competition by 12 points.

"We've been able to attract some players from other clubs, particularly in our ladies program, which is a real endorsement of the good work our ladies coach and manager have put in for the past three or four years now,” Parry said. "They drive an excellent program and we'll be looking forward to continuing that growth.

"A lot of our second division girls are young and coming into senior football, and that's our strength at Tinana, bringing young kids from junior football into senior football. We're proud of that, and we want to continue to drive that.”