How to grab your local news for $1 per day

IN THE grand old days, $1 could get you a whole lot of fun.

In 1911 the equivalent of $1 would make you the most well-communicated person in town, covering the cost of posting 120 letters. These days you'd be lucky to post one using your gold coin.

Things started creeping up in price by the 70s, but you could still get five loaves of bread for about $1 which is an absolute steal in today's market.

By the time we were flaunting fluoro scrunchies in our hair in the 80s, we could also grab a pound of butter (about half a kilo) for a measly $1 to go with all that bread which by this time you could only get two loaves for your dollar, but still great value none the less.

In 2004, you could still get 5c change from your dollar when buying a litre of petrol unlike today's $1.30/L average.

But the good news is, you can still get a whole heap of good stuff today without spending big. For just $1 a day, get unlimited digital access to the Fraser Coast Chronicle, the Courier Mail+ plus the Chronicle newspaper delivered to your door six days a week.

That's a crazy-good deal that gives you open access to more news and current affairs, sport, business, entertainment and political coverage than you'll be able to poke at.

Or if you're a digital-only reader, you can pay just 50c a day to have the unrestricted digital access to our site and the Courier Mail+ without the paper home delivery.

For more information and term and conditions, head to www.frasercoastchronicle or phone 1300 361 604.

Only available until December 15.