Create a little drama by choosing black.
Create a little drama by choosing black. iStock

How to make black work in your home

There is no bolder choice for a highlight colour than black.

Moody, opulent black is always going to make a dramatic statement.

From painted finishes to furniture and tapware, black is the preferred choice for many contemporary interiors, as well as architectural finishes.

There's something thoroughly modern about black.

Every woman knows the power of the little black dress, but it seems the courage to wear this bold colour has translated to our interior spaces.

You may not think it, but dark colours can create both soothing and cosy spaces. And many decor pieces, furniture and art can stylishly 'pop' when set against a dark background. This is a trick designers and stylists have been using for years to create dramatic-looking photo shoots.

Add to the trend of dark and black painted spaces, the ongoing fashion for metallic finishes, especially gold, and you have a stunning combination when it comes to dramatic contrasts. Darker spaces will always work best when contrasted with light, be it natural or reflective light.

Whether it's bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms or living spaces, if thoughtfully and creatively applied, look no further than black if you want to create a dramatic look. Black finishes and decor can invigorate just about any room.

In terms of furniture designs, you can increasingly expect to see bold marble tables, paired with black steel, or black leather sofas, or a stunning black velvet occasional chair with gold metal finishing.