How to make sure you have a safe Christmas

WHAT will it take for some people to realise their actions behind the steering wheel can have very real consequences.

On Wednesday we saw a Torbanlea man charged for driving while almost seven times over the legal limit.

Yes, that's right - almost seven times. Unacceptable and I have no idea how anyone could think they are in a state to operate a car after a few drinks, let alone enough to be seven times the limit.

This week we are running stories each day on road safety and with this year's current road toll exceeding 2015's - it's clear there is work to be done. One of the best safety messages out there I think is the message for mates to look out for mates. Don't encourage that behaviour and make it known to your friends that you won't accept it.

Putting pressure on your circle of friends to be responsible could very well save their life or someone else's these holidays.