How you can find out more about region’s war stories

FRASER Coast residents now have the chance to discover more about the stories of our World War II veterans.

Member for Wide Bay Llew O'Brien said it was easier than ever to access World War II service records and historical information, making it a great time to research the stories of Wide Bay's veterans to ensure their sacrifices are never forgotten.

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the end of the conflict.

To make research easier, the Department of Veterans' Affairs has brought together all of its nominal rolls, including the World War II nominal roll, on one website.

This will make it easier to search and find information on those Australians who served in the war.

"The National Archives of Australia is also working to digitise all of its Second World War service records and the Australian War Memorial has a wide range of useful information available with just the click of a mouse button," Mr O'Brien said.

"DVA's Anzac Portal also has a range of historical educational resources free for download - commemorating the war from an Australian point of view."

Mr O'Brien said the region had a proud history of service.

"Wide Bay has a rich World War II history, from servicemen and women who left their homes in Maryborough, Murgon, Gympie and Noosa to serve our country in the theatres of war, through to those veterans, widows and family members who moved here in later years and now call Wide Bay home," Mr O'Brien said.

"Almost one million Australians served in World War II, protecting our country and defending our freedom, and each person has a unique story that deserves to be recorded and remembered.

"As a community we all have a job to do - to ensure these stories live on and that we never forgot the role of everyone in Wide Bay who served overseas or on the home front in World War II."

Mr O'Brien encouraged people to start by looking into their own family's military service history, and from there, extend their research to the war more broadly.

"Everyone should take a moment to ask a question about the Second World War, whether that is about a family member who served, or just wanting to learn more about the six years that changed Australia's history," Mr O'Brien said.

For more information, visit the DVA, National Archives of Australia and Australian War Memorial websites.