Candidates have revealed how they will tackle the problems caused by the coronavirus if they are elected next week.
Candidates have revealed how they will tackle the problems caused by the coronavirus if they are elected next week.

How your future councillors will handle COVID-19 crisis

FRASER Coast’s council hopefuls have outlined their game plans to deal with the coronavirus when the new council is formed.

Ongoing support and recovery efforts will dominate the terms of the new councillors as health authorities scramble to contain the disease.

Candidates were asked what their game plans were leading the community through the crisis and dealing with the economic aftermath.

Division 2 candidate Phil Truscott said common sense was the best approach but the council would still need the direction from health experts.

Division 3’s James Miller said he would encourage people to order from their favourite restaurants to keep the hospitality sector alive and wanted to create more events to become “the events capital of regional Queensland”.

Incumbent Division 3 councillor Paul Truscott said the coronavirus had not impacted his campaign because he was not attending polling booths but would be assisting the council team in recovery efforts.

Jade Wellings, who is campaigning in Division 5, said she would be working with health experts and councillors on the issue if she was elected.

Division 5 candidate Mark Andersen said because the virus was so fast moving decisions needed to be on each situation. He said the long-term plan was to keep people in jobs and support small business if elected.

Division 6’s Rick Whittle said he would maintain a “healthy environment” but said he could not give a definite answer as everyone was in uncharted territory and the “goalposts are moving”.

Richard Mott, another hopeful for Division 6, said the best approach was to listen to Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy.

He told the Chronicle he was respecting personal space while handing out how-to-vote cards.

Deputy mayor Darren Everard, who is seeking re-election in Division 7, said candidates needed to keep their distance during pre-polling to “minimise the risk of infection”. “We as a region are about to enter uncharted waters and we need to unite and work as one,” Cr Everard said.

Incumbent Division 10 councillor Zane O’Keefe said he would continue to maintain high standards of personal hygiene as recommended by Queensland’s Chief Medical Officer Dr Jannette Young.

“I will continue to advocate on behalf of my community, democracy does not sleep,” he said.