Howard sewerage inspections to begin

INSPECTIONS of Howard residents' septic sewerage systems will begin next month to identify faults and leakages.

At their meeting in Maryborough yesterday Fraser Coast councillors agreed to begin the inspection program on August 1.

The inspections of on-site wastewater storage or septic treatment systems at Howard will identify problem issues.

Howard councillor James Hansen sought clarification from the council's chief executive officer Lisa Desmond that the program would not be "heavy-handed".

"It's important to be seen taking the community with us - not a big-stick approach," he said.

WATCH: Council takes 3 years to warn people faeces in water

Ms Desmond said the inspections of tanks would be for information only and would not become a compliance matter.

A report on sewerage problems in Howard was tabled in February this year, despite the council knowing about potential public safety issues in September 2015.

Six warning signs were installed at Maria Creek in Howard after test results showed high average levels of Enterococci bacteria and ammonia at some sites of the creek.

Enterococci is a human bacteria which can indicate the presence of faeces.

Concerns were first raised about the safety of the water in 2013 when former Maryborough MP and now councillor Anne Maddern said Howard residents had reported finding raw faeces in gutters.