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Hugh Jackman spends $350k on scratchcards

HUGH Jackman has spent over £200,000 (AU$357,236) on scratchcards for his film crews.

The 'Wolverine' star has reportedly been splashing out on lottery cards for production staff working on his films for the past 14 years as he thinks the knowledge that they could be set to win huge cash prizes helps to boost their morale on set.

An insider revealed: "He loves that it helps keeps spirits up."

However, despite spending a huge sum on various scratchcards over the years, no-one is said to have won a substantial amount of money as of yet.

The 45-year-old actor's agent told The Sun newspaper: "There have been winners but no one's hit it big - yet."

Meanwhile, Hugh is said to have been doling out more of them than ever while filming his latest blockbuster 'Pan' - in which he stars as Blackbeard alongside Amanda Seyfried and Burberry model Cara Delevingne - in the UK.

And the Australian star's generosity doesn't end there as he recently helped his overweight pal - Australian radio and TV personality Gus Worland - get fit for the New York City Marathon.

Gus admitted earlier this year: "Jacko and I talk a lot and as expected he is very honest and passionate with his advice.

"He's proud of me but is not concerned that I'll take over [his role as] Wolverine."