Jess Skinner and Karen Holland getting ready for the lunch rush.
Jess Skinner and Karen Holland getting ready for the lunch rush.

Hundreds turned away as Coast shows support for cafes

SCHOOL holiday crowds are here and some cafes are turning away more than 100 people a day.

Salt Cafe in Urangan have a normal capacity of 120 which is currently reduced to 40.

Last Saturday 120 hungry diners were turned away and 158 the Saturday before.

Cafe owners Jodi and Julie Reid said although adhering to all the restrictions was challenging the support from locals had been overwhelming.

It was a messaged echoed by Eat owner Dan Mulheron who said they were mostly booked out for the rest of week thanks to local support and school holiday visitors.

Mr Reid said despite serving less meals the cafe requires 30 per cent more stuff to run to cover the organisation of booking and sanitising guidelines.

"Running the cafe at the moment is a lot more work,"' he said.

"Working with extra staff and less customers isn't sustainable but we are prepared to get through the rest of the year.

"We just want to keep our customers happy and do the best we can."

The cafe owner said despite turning away 120 people last Saturday people had been understanding.

Mr Mulheron said although it had been tough running at less than 50 per cent capacity the adjustment had been easier than expected.

"We have busier than expected but our team have managed the customers well and we have had a good table turn over," he said.

"Everyone is up to date on COVID-19 procedures and we just want it to be as simple as possible for staff."

The reality TV star said since people have been booking ahead the team were able to plan their days better.

"We have a rough idea of when it will be super busy and also have a better idea when we are placing our orders," he said.

Mr Mulheron said he thinks the government has handled the pandemic well and is grateful for the strict regulations.

"It was short term pain for long term gain," he said.

"I'd hate to be in Melbourne right now and be facing another forced shutdown."

Both cafe owners said the Jobkeeper payments have been integral over the past few months in ensuring the success of their restaurants.