Hyne Timber's Tumbarumba Mill.
Hyne Timber's Tumbarumba Mill.

Hyne workers at ready as fire threatens sister mill

AS WORK gets under way at Maryborough’s Hyne Timber Mill, the thoughts of the workers will be with the team at its sister mill in Tumbarumba, New South Wales.

With a bushfire breaking out in the township, some staff members have already lost their homes.

The Chronicle understands the team at Hyne in Maryborough could provide assistance in the coming months to help those who have lost their homes.

Hyne Timber CEO, Jon Kleinschmidt said conditions were making it challenging to communicate with Tumbarumba team members and the community more broadly.

“We are aware some team members have lost their homes. We are available to assist if Hyne can help,” he said.

“With the state of emergency in place, it may take some time to understand the extent of the impact on our people and the community.”

Hyne Timber’s Tumbarumba Mill is recognised as critical infrastructure for the Tumbarumba region and overall Hyne business.

Teams are working to protect the mill with further containment measures while safe to do so.

Mr Kleinschmidt said supporting the Tumbarumba team members and the broader community would involve all Hyne team members banding together.

“It is not uncommon for team members to work together throughout sites and provide support or relief as required. Tumbarumba is in all our thoughts and I hope everyone stays safe over the weekend,” he said.

“A special mention to the many firefighters, emergency service personnel and volunteers, many of whom are our own team members also. Thank you for your continued efforts. Please stay safe.”