16-year-old Jayde Kendall's body was found in August 2015, 13 days after she went missing.
16-year-old Jayde Kendall's body was found in August 2015, 13 days after she went missing. Contributed

'I didn't kill her,' tearful killer told cops

FIVE days after Jayde Kendall vanished, a tearful Brenden Bennetts was recorded telling police he had "an emotional teenage girl" on his hands and he "f*cked up".

"I didn't kill her. I couldn't hurt an innocent person," he said in the police interview played to a jury today.

Mr Bennetts, 21, has since admitted killing the Gatton 16-year-old but the Crown has rejected his manslaughter plea and he is now in a trial for murder.

Between wiping his eyes with his sleeve and blowing his nose, Mr Bennetts told police in the interview he had wanted to help Jayde, who was emotionally distressed.

"I had an emotional teenage girl on my hands and I f*cked up," he told detective sergeants Bronagh Gillespie and Murray O'Connell on August 19, 2015.

He claimed he and Jayde spoke and drove around before he dropped her off beside a road.

"I shouldn't have left her at the side of the road ... that's one lapse and it f*cks up everything."

Laidley police had asked Mr Bennetts to explain his actions on Friday, August 14 that year.

Mr Bennetts said he got to Lockyer District High School at 3pm and "proceeded to wait around until Jayde Kendall arrived at my car".

He said Jayde got in the car, "was a bit upset" and had asked him for a favour, because she needed someone to talk to.

"So I drove to the water tower area. We proceeded to stay there for a fair while. She exhibited emotional distress, crying about bullies at school," Mr Bennetts told police.

Mr O'Connell told Mr Bennetts he had to explain what exactly he and Jayde spoke about for two hours.

"Feasibly from say, half past three to at least half past five. That's a lot of time isn't it?" the detective asked Mr Bennetts, who was then 18.

"Did you at any time think 'I just want to get the hell out of here'?"

Mr Bennetts said he felt "drained" by the situation.

He said he told a distressed Jayde: "Whatever you're going through it will end eventually. It's not the end of your life."

Jayde's body was found 13 days after she went missing. No cause of death has been determined.

The trial continues. -NewsRegional