Biggest Loser: Transformed contestant Nikki Henderson training at Mooloolaba Beach.
Biggest Loser: Transformed contestant Nikki Henderson training at Mooloolaba Beach. Patrick Woods

'I feel incredible': Coast woman's weight loss win

BIGGEST Loser: Transformed may have been a ratings flop for Network Ten, but going on the weight loss show changed Sunshine Coast contestant Nikki Henderson's life.

Before the show she was too ashamed to be seen by her partner naked, and used to cover herself up in public.

But now Nikki's comfortable enough to enjoy the Coast's beaches with her new bikini body.

"I feel absolutely incredible, I really do. For the first time in my life I feel comfortable and I feel fit and healthy so it's unreal," the 25-year-old Buderim mum said.

After enduring intense challenges, gruelling workouts and changing the way she thinks about food, Nikki has transformed her lifestyle and lost more than 13kg. But it wasn't all smooth sailing.

She said when she first got home and went to the supermarket, all she walked out with was a bag of spinach leaves.

"I was so confused. I was freaking out," Nikki said.

"But over time I've just remembered what I've learnt in the house and it's just coming back to me and it's actually amazing.

"And exercise is awesome. I still have to pull myself by the ear to get to the gym sometimes but once I've been there it's unreal, so I'm loving it."


Biggest Loser contestant is our own local girl Nikki Henderson with her tainer Libby Babet (orange top) at Mooloolaba Beach.
Biggest Loser: Transformed contestant Nikki Henderson with her trainer Libby Babet at Mooloolaba Beach. Patrick Woods


Even her daughter Lilly, 2, is joining in the exercise.

"We actually do little workouts together," Nikki said.

"She knows how to do burpees and she does push-ups with me, so she's unreal. She does like to jump all over me a lot but she's probably the best workout partner I have."

Nikki said one of the most rewarding things about her weight loss was being able to be a better mum to Lilly.

"I'm giving her all of me and I'm not that boring mum that sits around the house tired all the time," she said.

"I'm out playing with her and taking her places and adventuring."

Nikki is one of six contestants in the running for the Biggest Loser: Transformed title, a viewer's choice prize for the best lifestyle transformation in the group.

But if she doesn't win, she said she would be happy if her story helped others.

"I'd love to be a motivation for people out there who are feeling the same way as me," she said.

Find out if Nikki takes out the Biggest Loser: Transformed title on Studio Ten today at 11am.