John Farmer

I fought the python and the python won

A NASTY encounter with a python has left a snake catcher bloody and bruised.

The python bit Lockyer Valley-based snake catcher Andrew Smedley 10 times.

Mr Smedley was called to a house in Esk to reports of a "big snake".

Those reports proved spot on.

"Usually when people say they have a big snake I don't take much notice because half the time they exaggerate a bit," he said.

"Well, when I went to this job as soon as I saw it I thought 'this python has come from a good paddock'."

Mr Smedley cornered the python in a green-house - a move he may now regret.

He was bitten about 10 times on the arm, leaving his several deep cuts.

"I almost fell and snapped a few bones," he said.

"I got the snake eventually but only after it hammered me about 10 times.

"Big snake!

"My right arm is a bit stiff."