Jett Kenny at the Murphy Homes Maroochy Carnival
Jett Kenny at the Murphy Homes Maroochy Carnival Warren Lynam

'I think they are too high': Jett's togs cause a stir

A PAIR of budgie smugglers worn by Lisa Curry's son Jett are at the centre of a social media uproar on the Sunshine Coast.

Hundreds of readers jumped to the defence of Olympian Lisa Curry after she fired back at critics who claimed her son wore his togs 'too low' in photos she posted.

Curry used her Instagram account to defend the photos of her son Jett competing at surf lifesaving competitions on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

Um, yeah.
Um, yeah.

Messages of support flew in with one reader saying; "He's not showing anything he shouldn't. She's a proud mum".

Another reader claimed she thought Jett wore his togs "too high".

Even Jett weighed in on the conversation, blaming genetics for the positioning of his togs.

"I'd just like to point out that I just have an awkwardly long torso, so if you're going to have a stab at mum for something, make it about my out of proportion limbs," he said.


Comments flowed in supporting Curry an d her son.
Comments flowed in supporting Curry and her son. Contributed

Have a read of some of the comments;

Tanya Higgins: "Better him than the old men walking around Mooloolaba in similar togs."

Jenny Winter: "Really can't see what the problem is, his bits are covered, have to agree with his mum, don't like it don't look."

Melissa Phillips: "Nothing wrong with this at all . He is a fit young man why not show of his body."

Carol Adams: "My god, my husband is 65 and wears his lower. He is a true swimmer and water lover and so is my husband. People who comment negatively on this just have no idea and obviously are prudes. I'm in full support of Lisa."

Vicki Taylor: "God, they whinge about this. Then don't ever travel to Rio de Janero! They hardly wear anything there!"

Trish Callow: "Too low??? I'm disappointed he's wearing any."