A man who took part in a terrifying home invasion in which the victim’s eyeball was ruptured has made a bid for parole.
A man who took part in a terrifying home invasion in which the victim’s eyeball was ruptured has made a bid for parole.

Ice-fuelled man shoots stranger with salt-loaded shotgun

A MAN who took part in an ice-fuelled attack on a stranger, in which the victim's eyeball was ruptured with a salt-loaded shotgun by his co-assailant, has been released on parole after just eight months in jail.

In December 2018, Jake Harley Hattenschwiler and George Matthew Jeffrey strapped on backpacks loaded with guns and walked into the unlocked Launceston home of a Sudanese migrant.

During the terrifying home invasion, Jeffrey pulled a pistol from his backpack and pointed it at the victim's chest, but lowered it and punched the man's face.

Hattenschwiler then pulled a sawn-off shotgun - loaded with salt instead of conventional shot - from his backpack, pulling the trigger and shattering the victim's sunglasses.

The man now wears a prosthetic eyeball.

The Parole Board of Tasmania has now released Jeffrey on parole on the conditions he attend drug and alcohol counselling and be assessed for a mental health plan.

Jeffrey, who was initially charged with attempted murder but pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and assault, has been held as a medium security prisoner.

However, he's been unable to access any rehabilitation behind bars.

"Information provided to the board indicates the applicant has expressed remorse for his recent offending and appears to have gained insight on the irreversible impact of his crime on the victim," the parole board said in its newly-published decision.

"Although the applicant has not participated in any therapeutic programs, he has sought to do so and has been on a waiting list for some time."

The board noted prisoners in medium security had limited access to therapy following "changes in prison operations" at Risdon and particularly so under COVID-19 restrictions.

The board also said Jeffrey had not used drugs since he'd been at Risdon Prison, was polite and well-mannered, and had been concentrating on his fitness in the gym.

Hattenschwiler remains in jail serving a maximum term of three years and nine months after pleading guilty to causing grievous bodily harm.








Originally published as Ice-fuelled man shoots stranger's face with salt-loaded shotgun