A Hervey Bay man faced 15 charges in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court last week.
A Hervey Bay man faced 15 charges in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court last week.

Ice the beginning of Hervey Bay man's brushes with the law

A TORQUAY man who suffered a brain aneurysm while in custody for 15 charges told Hervey Bay Magistrates Court his problems arose after he began using the drug ice.

Two breaches of bail, eight drugs charges and unlawfully possessing weapons were among the offences Dwayne Robert Howard pleaded guilty to on Thursday.

Police Prosecutor Senior Constable Sonia Edwards said the 28-year-old had lied to police about a drug rehabilitation centre being too full to take him which was originally part of his bail conditions.

Defence lawyer Harry Morris said prior to the offending period last year Howard began using ice for the first time.

"This is when his behaviour changed... he got involved with the wrong crowd and made bad decision after bad decision," Mr Morris said.

"The majority of the offences occurred in August 2018.

"Most of the offences occured purely in the context of his drug addiction at the time and his association with negative influences."

Mr Morris told the court the father-of-one was unemployed and had been on a disability support pension for about 13 years because he suffered from Krone's Disease.

"Since being released he has lived with his father as a carer in Hervey Bay, his father had a stroke just prior to him going into custody," Mr Morris said.

"One of his breaches of bail relates to a day his father was in the Maryborough Hospital and he forgot to attend the police station.

"He is remorseful and regrets that period of his life completely.

"All the drugs and utensils found were for personal use only.

"He is focusing on his physical and mental health, had separated entirely from his previous friends and acquaintances and is enjoying a period of sobriety and stability."

Howard was found with a flick knife and the barrel of a gun, which Mr Morris said his client did not know it was illegal to possess.

The court heard Howard spent two months in custody before getting bail in October.

While at the Maryborough Correctional Centre, Mr Morris said Howard had a brain aneurysm resulting in seizures and brain bleeding.

Magistrate Stephen Guttridge took into account his early plea when sentencing Howard to two years of probation with convictions recorded.