Tayla McSweeney was advised to get vocational training.
Tayla McSweeney was advised to get vocational training. Facebook

Ice-y bra stash lands young Coast woman in jail

A PROPHECY from a judge came true after a young woman failed to beat the scourge of ice addiction.

And the fact Tayla Maree McSweeney wasn't accessing social security was also part of her undoing.

The Sunshine Coast woman, 26, was sentenced for drug possession today.

Justice Peter Applegarth said he could infer that some of the ice McSweeney had was being sold, because she had virtually no income from work or social welfare.

But the Crown and defence agreed McSweeney was also an ice user herself at the time of her offending.

Brisbane Supreme Court heard McSweeney got nine months' probation for other drug offences last September but breached that order.

Justice Applegarth said former Maroochydore judge John Robertson warned McSweeney about the consequences of ice use.

"It is inevitable that if you continue to use drugs you'll be locked up,” the Sunshine Coast judge had told her.

"You didn't get the message even though you said you understood him,” Justice Applegarth said on Wednesday.

Justice Applegarth acknowledged "how nasty” drug addiction can be.

"She has struggled with that addiction,” defence counsel Doug Wilson said.

His client had taken hospitality courses and had some work experience in Kawana and Maroochydore.

"She was looking for work,” Mr Wilson added.

But he said she hadn't really worked for the past two to three years.

In November 2016, police who could smell marijuana approached McSweeney, who was in a car.

Police found 7.191g of material, of which 4.302g was pure methylamphetamine.

Justice Applegarth said some drugs were in bags protruding from her bra.

McSweeney pleaded guilty to ice and drug utensil possession.

She told the judge that a parole officer this week said she'd been making good progress.

Justice Applegarth sentenced her to two years' jail.

"It gives me no pleasure to send you there,” he added.

But "in recognition of recent fledgling steps” taken to tackle drug use, Justice Applegarth ordered parole eligibility after six months.

He advised McSweeney to take vocational courses while in custody and seek employment on her release. -NewsRegional