Iced up man choked girlfriend in ‘violent’ DV attack

A YOUNG man with a "sickening" childhood has been jailed for the violent assault of his former girlfriend.

The 25 year old pleaded guilty to seven offences including choking, assault occasioning bodily harm and common assault in the Mackay region.

Minimal details about the assault were placed on the record but Judge Deborah Richards described it as a "violent" fight with the victim suffering "pretty impressive bruises".

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27/09/1996. Domestic violence. Silhouette. Fist raised against woman. Abuse. Generic image.
27/09/1996. Domestic violence. Silhouette. Fist raised against woman. Abuse. Generic image.

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Mackay District Court heard when Johnathon Lester Stanley first appeared in for a bail application on the assault and choking charges, the magistrate raised concerns about him failing to appear.

So before a bail decision was handed down, Stanley tried to escape from the dock, shattering the glass.

He has remained in custody for 256 days in total.

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Defence barrister Scott McLennan said his client had a "grossly" disadvantaged childhood, even going so far as to label it as "sickening" and said by the time he was a teen Stanley was "very damaged".

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Since this offending he had split up with his former partner and no longer had contact with her. The court heard he had been using ice at the time.

"He has some insight that this is a toxic relationship," Mr McLennan said.

Judge Richards commented that Stanley had shown growth and worked hard to change since he was incarcerated when he was younger.

He was jailed for three years with parole release in November this year after 12 months.

Convictions were recorded.