Bo Olsson has pleaded guilty to two counts of murder. Picture: Facebook.
Bo Olsson has pleaded guilty to two counts of murder. Picture: Facebook.

Ice-fuelled double murderer wants jail time almost halved

A MAN who bashed his partner to death, and strangled her mother, has finally revealed what fuelled his murderous actions - and says he now deserves a 40 per cent sentencing discount.

On Wednesday, Bo Krister Olsson asked the Supreme Court to give him the maximum benefit for having confessed to two murders, long before he was due to stand trial.

Mystery has surrounded the deaths of Sherril Pountney and her mother, Patricia Phillips, since their bodies were found in the Millicent home they shared with Olsson last May.

Bill Boucaut SC, for Olsson, said the incident came down to drug use.

"This was, apparently, a senseless and inexplicable act of violence, but the key to it is the drug ice," he said.

"It's yet another example of how the drug can bring out in people bizarre, sudden acts of violence.

"He has expressed genuine contrition and sorrow for this ... his contrition is at the maximum ... he should get the full 40 per cent discount."

SA Police attend the scene of the murders at Plunkett Tce, Millicent.
SA Police attend the scene of the murders at Plunkett Tce, Millicent.

Olsson, 54, pleaded guilty to having murdered Ms Pountney, 63, and Mrs Phillips, 84, on May 15, 2016 - he handed himself in to police four days later.

His confessions were entered a month before prosecutors were scheduled to file their brief of evidence against him.

Three weeks ago, Ms Pountney's family told the court they had been left shocked, angered and devastated by the crimes, profoundly affecting their emotional wellbeing.

They said they had been overwhelmed by both "dark feelings" and questions as to why the murders were committed, and what Olsson had done in the four-day gap.

On Wednesday, Mr Boucaut said Olsson's "recreational" use of ice escalated when he lost his job, and he was consuming 1gm every three days while sleeping poorly.

"He said his 'head was all over the place' as he was ruminating over discussions he'd had with his partner, about her saying things like she'd had enough of life," he said.

"She had said 'the world is a rotten place' and, if she had to die, she wanted to go quickly ... in his intoxicated state he decided to kill her, which is quite bizarre."

Bo Olsson. Picture: Facebook.
Bo Olsson. Picture: Facebook.

Mr Boucaut said Olsson bashed Ms Pountney to death as she slept, closing their bedroom door to ensure their five dogs did not disturb her body.

He said Mrs Phillips then woke up and questioned him, at which time he "lost his temper" and strangled her.

"He intended to kill himself by driving his car into a tree, and obtained more ice for some Dutch courage, but didn't have the courage to go through with his plan," he said.

Lucy Boord, prosecuting, said a 40 per cent discount was "so disproportionate" to Olsson's actions that such a sentence would "shock the public conscience".

"Whatever his state of mind might have been at first, he killed Mrs Phillips so he didn't get detected and then remained at large for days," she said.

"These killings were particularly vicious and these women were particularly vulnerable."

Justice Anne Bampton remanded Olsson in custody for sentencing in April.