The cast of the TV series A Place To Call Home.
The cast of the TV series A Place To Call Home. Channel 7

Idea of bringing back TV shows sparks flurry of comments

IF THERE was one TV show from the past you could bring back, what would it be?

We asked the Chonicle's Facebook followers the question on Tuesday night and were treated to a walk down memory lane complete with some distinctive theme songs which popped into our minds unbidden.

But it was a recent show that attracted the strongest support with more than 50 people wanting A Place to Call Home to return to the small screen.

A wider campaign is being waged to protest this year's axing of the period drama.

Of more than 190 Facebook comments, less than a dozen series were mentioned more than once and they were a mix of drama, comedy, action and children's shows.

The TV shows which attracted more than one supporter were: A Country Practice, McLeod's Daughters, H.R. Pufnstuf, The Banana Splits Adventure Hour, Friends, Full House, MacGyver and Firefly.

Check out the post on the Chronicle's Facebook page to see what other shows readers would like to bring back and comment below to add your ideas.