AXE AND PITCHFORK: Brotherly antagonism reached a peak with a murder threat.
AXE AND PITCHFORK: Brotherly antagonism reached a peak with a murder threat. David Bancroft

'I'll kill you' says man with axe, pitchfork

EXTREME violence in a Gympie region household of two brothers led to one of them being jailed when he appeared in Gympie Magistrates Court.

But the sentence was suspended on the basis that the man had already served 38 days on remand.

The man was accused of attacking his brother with a stick, but found himself under arrest when his behaviour escalated to a threat of murder by pitchfork, the court was told.

The man pleaded guilty to three counts of breaching a Domestic Violence Order on November 13 and December 1 and 2.

The court was told the assault victim feared for his life and barricaded himself in a bedroom to escape his brother's violent and threatening behaviour.

The brother, who appeared in court by video link from jail, cannot be named because of legal restrictions on reporting domestic violence issues.

The court was told he had quickly become aggressive when the aggrieved returned from a visit to Brisbane.

Continuing disputes between them had included one incident in which each brother accused the other of hitting him with a stick.

One of them later withdrew the allegation, saying he did not want to get his brother into trouble.

But he reinstated the claim after being told what his brother had said about him.

"F...k him. He did hit me with a stick then," he allegedly said.

That all paled into insignificance when one dispute escalated to the point where the aggrieved became fearful for his life and shut himself in a bedroom.

The court was told he barricaded the door by opening another door which opened against it.

The accused man then threatened "to break the door down with an axe and kill the aggrieved with a pitchfork", police told the court.

At this point the aggrieved went to a window and yelled for a neighbour to call police.

The court was told a witness heard the words: "Put the pitchfork and the axe down."

Granted bail on that matter, the defendant then became aggressive again and threatened to kill his brother by hitting him over the head with a bottle of bourbon.

Told that the Domestic Violence Order contained only the mandatory conditions of good behaviour and did not include any ban on contact, magistrate Chris Callaghan said: "The order needs to be changed."

Mr Callaghan added a no contact provision and sentenced the man to six months jail, suspended immediately, with provision to collect belongings with a police escort.