‘I’m going to f**king stab someone’: Murder accused


JOSEPHINE Teresa Bahor carefully placed a blood-covered knife in a zip-lock bag, scrubbed blood from her hands with soap and water, then smoked a "50-50 cone" just before police arrived at her Mt Garnet home to investigate an alleged murder.

In a police interview played to the Cairns Supreme Court, the 37-year-old also described the best way to grow cannabis, explained how "normal, more creative" she was when high and asked if she could "post bail" to get home to feed her pet cat, dog and turkeys.

Ms Bahor, her partner of eight years Christopher Stephen Hodkinson, 41, and their friend James Dean Blakeway, 40, are all jointly charged with murdering Mark Miller, 36, in May 2018 and attempting to murder his younger brother Robert, 35.

Robert Miller, 35 and Mark Miller, 36 were allegedly stabbed in Mt Garnet.
Robert Miller, 35 and Mark Miller, 36 were allegedly stabbed in Mt Garnet.



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Mark Miller died outside the Mt Garnet ambulance station following multiple stab wounds, while Robert Miller survived after being flown to Cairns Hospital for treatment for serious stabbing injuries.

The trio have all pleaded not guilty to both charges.

The trial has heard police allege the trio armed themselves with a variety of weapons, including a knife and machete, and attacked the brothers who came to their home during a dispute over stolen cannabis.

During her interview, Ms Bahor said she had "pretty much smoked all day" prior to the alleged attack, but had been on edge due to the dispute and said to others at the house "I'm going to f..king stab someone, I'm sick of this".

She told them she initially armed herself with the knife after getting out of the bath, wrapping herself in a towel and seeing the brothers arrive at the house early on in the evening.

The court heard the pair left after an argument, but returned some time later which was when the fight broke out.

Ms Bahor said after the injured brothers left in a car driven by Robert's partner she placed the knife in a bag for police, then scrubbed her hands clean.

"I started to feel disgusted by the blood," she said, when asked why she washed them.

The trial continues on Friday.

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