‘I’m going to kill you’: Why man attacked stranger on pier

A MAN has faced court for violently attacking a stranger for 'looking' at his girlfriend.

On May 9, Steele David Hemmings was walking on the Urangan Pier when started running at the victim yelling "Are you looking at my girl?"

Hemmings hit the man causing him to hit the railing of the pier.

He grabbed the man by the shirt and attempted to throw him off the pier.

He then punched the man in the face numerous times while saying "I am going to kill you".

Another man distracted Hemmings allowing the victim to escape and call triple-0.

Hemmings then jumped off the pier, escaping from police by swimming through the water and running through a nearby resort.

He was arrested a short time later.

The police prosecutor told the court that later at the watch house, Hemmings blew a BAC of 0.136.

He was also carrying a knife.

He pleaded guilty to a raft of charges including assault occasioning bodily harm, commit public nuisance and possession of a knife.

He was sentenced to 12 months in jail, suspended for three years, probation and disqualified from driving for two years.