Ben Ellingsen, Sharlene Tapperet, Jody Allen and Rebekkah Rodriguez at the Commerce breakfast in Gympie.
Ben Ellingsen, Sharlene Tapperet, Jody Allen and Rebekkah Rodriguez at the Commerce breakfast in Gympie. Renee Albrecht

$9m mum blogger reveals secret to success

STAY at Home Mum website star, Jody Allen revealed the secret of success for her blog turned multi-million dollar business is her "point of difference".

And that is?

"I'm still a dag," she said.

"Every other parenting website has perfect mothers with perfect kids who sleep eight hours a night.

"They all talk about how perfect you are.

"Mine is the one where we talk about kids that haven't slept and scream 16 hours a day and the mums that haven't slept either and want to just punch someone.

"We're the site that talks about dirty nappies.

"I only have mums talking about mothering.

"We don't have the professors and experts who have no children and have no idea."

Somehow all that "daggyness" has become a business recently valued at $9 million.

She discussed her successed as Gympie's Chamber of Commerce set out on its new direction yesterday, with a big new emphasis on internet communication.

"No matter what you do you have to find your point of difference," Ms Allen said.

It all started with the 2011 floods.

"I had two children in 12 months.

"Don't do it," she said.

"Now it's Australia's biggest parenting website.

"It's followed by a million mums.

"Now we have offices in Sydney and Melbourne and employees all over the world.

"I have writers now and the business is going really well.

"I had a trip to Italy and flew first class for the first time.

"I was more excited about that than going to Italy.

"Now I'm the ambassador for Agforce, promoting the Every Family Needs a Farmer' campaign.

"They say I'm the only blogger from the countryside."

And, she says, she is not qualified for much at all.

She knows her strengths and weaknesses and gets others to do the things she is not good at.

"I'm a qualified council clerk," she said, explaining her limitations.

"Our ads aren't like ads and I only take on products that I actually like.

"You can read the cooking section and Glad will pay me $15,000.

"My first advertiser paid $15 and I was thrilled."

Mrs Allen has some advice also for people who find criticisms of their business on their websites, including on Facebook.

"You get people bagging you out.

"Don't delete it. Answer them back," the Stay at Home Mum advises people in business. "Logos are important," she says.