LEGEND: Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter.
LEGEND: Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter. Australia Zoo

WATCH: 'You bit me on the nose!' 5 classic Steve Irwin moments

IT HAS been 11 years since one of Australia's most legendary icons passed away.

But crikey, as Steve Irwin would say, does his legacy lives on.

Steve's infectious enthusiasm as the crocodile hunter and passionate devotion to the care of animals won over the hearts of Australia.

He died on September 4 in 2006, when a stingray barb pierced his chest.

At the time, he was filming one of many encounters with Australia's wildlife for his documentary - Ocean's Deadliest - at the Great Barrier Reef.

Today the Australia Zoo celebrates his memory, encouraging fans to don their best khaki.

The Sunshine Coast Daily has put together a compilation of videos showcasing Steve's funniest and most touching moments.

1. Of course - Steve Irwin feeding a huge crocodile would need a space somewhere on this list, so why not put it first?

The video shows Steve at the zoo, tempting crocodile Agro with chunks of meat.

Agro lunges out of the water at Steve, but being the expert he is, Steve makes the crocodile work for it.



2. Who else remembers the time Steve Irwin went on live television with a snake wrapped around his neck?

In the first 10 seconds of the video Steve reassures the audience the python around his neck won't bite.

Twenty seconds in, the snake coils up towards Steve's neck, going in with its fangs.

The bite wasn't venomous and Steve plays it cool - as to not scare the snake - when it becomes more aggressive.

He tells the host of state television station: "We might have to cut here, he's biting my neck."



3. We're not sure who has the biggest mouth in this next video, but Steve reckons it's the bearded dragon he's lying on the ground with.

Ironically, Steve is talking about the dragon's defence mechanisms it will display just before its likely to attack.

Out of nowhere, the tiny but hostile creature jumps out and bites him square on the nose.



4. In this video the famous crocodile hunter gets his hand bitten by, you guessed it, a crocodile.

It starts with Steve on all fours creeping up on the cranky croc - before it throws its massive body in Steve's direction.

Before you know it, you're watching Steve be pulled into the creek by the crocodile.



5. Living on the Coast it's not rare to come across a snake.

But Steve Irwin being Steve Irwin literally gets on the ground and is face to face with the world's deadliest snake - the Inland Taipan.

A bite from this reptile will kill you in about 45 minutes - sometimes less.

Try not to cringe as Steve lies on the ground and lets the snake get too close for comfort.