The Inbetweeners cast at the premiere in London.
The Inbetweeners cast at the premiere in London.

Inbetweeners stars indulged their childish sides on set

Joe Thomas, 30, Simon Bird, 29, James Buckley, 26, and 29-year-old Blake Harrison - who reprise their roles as hapless students Simon, Will, Jay and Neil in the comedy sequel - admitted they revel in their on-screen roles because it gives them an excuse to behave in a puerile way.

Speaking at the world premiere of the movie in London's Leicester Square last night (05.08.14), Blake told BANG Showbiz: "From day one, [the producers] set up an atmosphere whereby if something is funny, it's OK to do.

"I don't think we're individually the characters we play on set, but what I think we do is we regress into the kind of childish, puerile humour that the characters have."

James echoed the sentiment, joking: "You don't have to persuade us a lot to behave like childish idiots! Our excuse is that we're in 'character'."

And 27-year-old Emily Berrington - who plays new character Katie in the new movie - says that although the boys are more mature than their on-screen characters, she still had to endure plenty of gross behaviour.

She said: "They maintain a laddy atmosphere all the time, so there's lots of eating - daring each other to eat disgusting things - a lot farting and doing really terrible thing to try to put each other off.

"But I loved it, it made the whole experience really fun."