HOW'S this for a nailbiting plane landing.

Terrifying footage shows a Primera Airlines plane making a very shaky landing at Portugal's Madeira Airport.

The pilot struggled when approaching the runway but thankfully managed to land the plane safely.

And this isn't the first time this has happened. The international airport in the southern European country is infamous for its sketchy landing conditions. So much so it has been dubbed 'the world's scariest' and 'Europe's most dangerous airport'.

In fact, missed landings - where pilots prepare to land before pulling out at the last second - are not unusual at Madeira Airport, forcing planes to fly to other airports.

This is because the runway is right in the middle of an area affected by cross winds, crammed between rugged mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. It also has a short runway that forces flights to make a sharp turn over rocky terrain at the last minute.

Is your stomach in your mouth yet?