Woman pleads guilty to $40k fraud
Woman pleads guilty to $40k fraud

Indigenous leader pleads guilty to $40k fraud

Former board member of south west Queensland indigenous people's organisation Mandandanji Limited Raylene Manns, 59, today pleaded guilty to one count of obtaining financial advantage for self after she wrongfully claimed $42,623.14 in social security payments over the court of four years.

The court heard Manns, who grew up in Roma, had at times made false declarations of her income, leading to inflated government payments.

The court heard despite the fraud, Manns was a well-respected member of her community who "will be active in the community until the day she dies," according to her defence lawyer who fought to keep her from spending time in jail.

The court heard it was government data matching technology that exposed Manns' fraudulent claims.

A regretful Manns was sentenced to six months' jail however would serve no actual time in custody, while also undertaking a two-year good behaviour bond.




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