Infrastructure charges halved by council

CHANGES to infrastructure charges are tipped to make developments easier in the Fraser Coast's regional areas.

The Fraser Coast Regional Council voted to lower the infrastructure costs and charges for residential blocks being built in Maryborough and the surrounding suburbs at Wednesday's meeting.

Infrastructure councillor Denis Chapman said if a block was not sewered, the cost had dropped from $22,800 to $7,500.


He said it would also apply to the region's outlying areas like Bauple, Howard and Poona.

"We've cut about 50 per cent out of the infrastructure charges, and the reason for that is we're trying to get more blocks of land ready to go in Maryborough," Cr Chapman said.

For sewered properties, the charges have dropped to about $10,000.

Councillors also voted to introduce deferred payments for commercial sites, meaning developers can defer infrastructure fees for about two years at no extra cost.

The announcement comes after $481 million worth of developments in Hervey Bay and its surrounding areas was approved by the council.

Part of that includes a residential development in Dundowran which is set to create 2000 more homes over two decades.

Cr Chapman said the incentives was about making sure the outer regions of the Fraser Coast weren't left behind.

"This is about getting people confident enough to develop Maryborough and regional parcels of land in the Fraser Coast," he said.

"There's a lot of development going along in the Bay, but we want to see it grow across the region."